Concession, Private Label and Wholesale

Concession, Private Label and Wholesale Turkey Legs

Delicious Turkey Leg Supplier for State Fair, Theme Park and Festival Concessions

Every year, millions of Americans join together at state fairs, theme parks and festivals throughout the country. No matter the celebration, you’re sure to find plenty of food to keep those crowds happy – and the hands-down favorite for generations has been the turkey leg. Not just for Thanksgiving, this easy-to-hold, protein-packed, belly-filling staple has earned its place as the endearing food icon of events everywhere. Plus, it is easy to serve and offers great margins for event coordinators and concessions managers – with instant recognition and an excellent turnover ratio. It’s a slam dunk for food concessions.

For years, Farm Pac has been a leader in this category, offering delicious golden brown, smoked turkey legs wherever crowds gather for a good time. Our plump, juicy and delicious turkey legs are larger than most other turkey legs sold at major theme parks and festivals throughout the United States. Smoked to perfection, our turkey legs are a great concessions choice for your next event. We’ve been serving up mouth-watering smoked turkey legs for over 60 years and we’d love to partner with you as your go-to turkey leg vendor.