Boneless Black Peppered Smoked Ham

Boneless Black Peppered Smoked Ham

The Farm Pac Boneless Black Peppered Smoked Ham is our most popular product! Packed with that great smoky flavor with just the right blend of pepper makes this smoked ham extra tasty! Slow smoking over hickory embers turns these smoked hams into masterpieces of mouthwatering flavor! Fully cooked and virtually waste free our boneless peppered smoked hams are easily sliced and served! Great for the centerpiece of your meal or sliced for sandwiches, either way, you will love the flavor! Serve with our Sweet, Sour & Smokey Mustard Sauce for a delicious treat! Choose from 4 different size smoked hams the smallest weighing between 4 - 5 lbs. to the largest weighing between 7 - 8 lbs, with 2 medium size hams in between! This Boneless Peppered Smoked Ham makes a great food gift for business associates, friends and family.

Price: $69.50 - $89.00

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